We’re building the biggest permaculture farm in Texas

By on Jun 19, 2017 in About us | 0 comments

Permaculture is a methodology to design ecosystems that closely mimic nature. We follow those methods to create a sustainable farm that grows vegetables, greens, herbs and fruits located an hour northeast of Austin. With 150 acres, we plan to be the biggest permaculture farm in Texas. Sustainable farms grow the best possible produce and design their farms to protect the health and well-being of the surrounding area. This means developing and fostering a rich ecosystem of plants, trees and animals that work in harmony with one another. A healthy ecosystem makes everything grow and taste better. As a food forest, trees will govern the land. Trees are amazing living things: They capture and store harmful pollutants that contribute to global warming, produce their own mulch and compost, reduce the impact of high winds, prevent erosion of valuable topsoil, communicate with other trees via...