Our mission: Be the largest permaculture farm in Texas

Permaculture is an organic approach to farming. More importantly, it’s based on responsibility. That means being an excellent steward of the land. Focusing on soil health and creating a diverse ecosystem. Treating animals humanely. Using water and energy responsibly. Caring for the welfare of farm workers. USDA organic certification does not address any of those issues.

A permaculture farm is designed as a holistic ecosystem. Humans, plants, and animals have a primary focus: To take care of the soil. Large, factory farms typically do not. They deplete their soil of nutrients from overuse, and then replenish it with endless applications of manufactured chemicals from global manufacturers. A permaculture farm never uses chemicals. Permaculture is a long-term strategy but it is essential to growing healthy plants for the long term.

We hope to be a catalyst for people and businesses in central Texas that believe organically and sustainably grown vegetables, fruits, greens and herbs are essential to their health and the success of their businesses.

Join our CSA

Our CSA — community supported agriculture — is a weekly subscription to receive your own box of organically grown vegetables, herbs, fruits and greens. We have two locations where you can pick up a weekly CSA box:

If you’re in central Texas and interested in having a CSA drop-off location in your neighborhood, let us know here. Let us know, too, you’re a business and interested in partnering with us for our CSA program.