Eat local food

Bouldin Food Forest is a permaculture farm operation in the heart of Austin. We give the residents and restaurants of south Austin quick and easy access to all-natural produce, herbs and fruits, plus artisanal foods whose ingredients we grow.

What’s permaculture? In short, it’s designing a farm, garden or landscape to most closely resemble natural ecosystems, with care of the earth always being paramount. Using permaculture principles, we conserve water, build soil and grow crops with hearty amounts of compost, never using chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Designing to promote ecosystem health surrounding crops makes everything grow — and taste — better.

Taste the deliciousness for yourself. We open our farmstand every Saturday morning. The details:

  • When: Every Saturday morning
  • From: 9 am until noon
  • Where: The corner of S. Third Street and Monroe in Austin, Texas

We also sell our produce through the Yard to Market Co-op every Sunday morning at the Hope Farmers Market in east Austin.